Solution Strategies for Integrated Distribution, Production, and Routing Problems Arising in Modular Manufacturing

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift by certain energy and chemical companies towards modular manufacturing, whereby transportable modular production units can be relocated between production facilities to meet the spatial and temporal changes in the availabilities, demands, and prices of the underlying commodities. We refer to the optimal distribution, production, and storage of commodities, … Read more

Continuous Cubic Formulations for Cluster Detection Problems in Networks

The celebrated Motzkin-Straus formulation for the maximum clique problem provides a nontrivial characterization of the clique number of a graph in terms of the maximum value of a nonconvex quadratic function over a standard simplex. It was originally developed as a way of proving Tur\'{a}n’s theorem in graph theory, but was later used to develop … Read more

On imposing connectivity constraints in integer programs

In many network applications, one searches for a connected subset of vertices that exhibits other desirable properties. To this end, this paper studies the connected subgraph polytope of a graph, which is the convex hull of subsets of vertices that induce a connected subgraph. Much of our work is devoted to the study of two … Read more

Tight extended formulations for independent set

This paper describes tight extended formulations for independent set. The first formulation is for arbitrary independence systems and has size $O(n+\mu)$, where $\mu$ denotes the number of inclusion-wise maximal independent sets. Consequently, the extension complexity of the independent set polytope of graphs is $O(1.4423^n)$. The size $O(2^\tw n)$ of the second extended formulation depends on … Read more