Block Coordinate Proximal Gradient Method for Nonconvex Optimization Problems: Convergence Analysis

We propose a block coordinate proximal gradient method for a composite minimization problem with two nonconvex function components in the objective while only one of them is assumed to be differentiable. Under some per-block Lipschitz-like conditions based on Bregman distance, but without the global Lipschitz continuity of the gradient of the differentiable function, we prove … Read more

First order optimality conditions for mathematical programs with second-order cone complementarity constraints

In this paper we consider a mathematical program with second-order cone complementarity constraints (SOCMPCC). The SOCMPCC generalizes the mathematical program with complementarity constraints (MPCC) in replacing the set of nonnegative reals by a second-order cone. We show that if the SOCMPCC is considered as an optimization problem with convex cone constraints, then Robinson’s constraint qualification … Read more

Variational Analysis of Circular Cone Programs

This paper conducts variational analysis of circular programs, which form a new class of optimization problems in nonsymmetric conic programming important for optimization theory and its applications. First we derive explicit formulas in terms of the initial problem data to calculate various generalized derivatives/coderivatives of the projection operator associated with the circular cone. Then we … Read more