New exact approaches for the combined cell layout problem and extensions of the multi-bay facility layout problem

In this paper we consider the Combined Cell Layout Problem (CCLP), the Multi-Bay Facility Layout Problem (MBFLP) and several generalizations of the MBFLP, which have wide applications, e.g., in factory planning, heavy manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and arranging rooms in hospitals. Given a set of cells of type single-row or directed-circular and a set of one-dimensional … Read more

Exact and Heuristic Approaches for a New Circular Layout Problem

We discuss a new facility layout problem, the so-called Directed Circular Facility Layout Problem (DCFLP). The DCFLP aims to find an optimal arrangement of machines on a circular material handling system such that the total weighted sum of the center-to-center distances between all pairs of machines measured in clockwise direction is minimized. Several real-world applications, … Read more

The Multiple Checkpoint Ordering Problem

The multiple Checkpoint Ordering Problem (mCOP) aims to find an optimal arrangement of n one-dimensional departments with given lengths such that the total weighted sum of their distances to m given checkpoints is minimized. In this paper we suggest an integer linear programming (ILP) approach and a dynamic programming (DP) algorithm, which is only exact … Read more

New Constraints and Features for the University Course Timetabling Problem

The university course timetabling problem deals with the task of scheduling lectures of a set of university courses into a given number of rooms and time periods, taking into account various hard and soft constraints. The goal of the International Timetabling Competitions ITC2002 and ITC2007 was to establish models for comparison that cover the most … Read more