A Generalized Worst-Case Complexity Analysis for Non-Monotone Line Searches

We study the worst-case complexity of a non-monotone line search framework that covers a wide variety of known techniques published in the literature. In this framework, the non-monotonicity is controlled by a sequence of nonnegative parameters. We obtain complexity bounds to achieve approximate first-order optimality even when this sequence is not summable. Article Download View … Read more

SIAG/Opt Views-and-News Vol 14 No 1

SIAM’s SIAG/Opt Newsletter special issue on Large Scale Nonconvex Optimization. Guest editors Sven Leyffer and Jorge Nocedal, with contributions by Gould, Sachs, Biegler, Waechter, Leyffer, Bussieck and Pruessner. Citation SIAG/Opt Views-and-News, Volume 14 Number 1, April 2003. http://fewcal.uvt.nl/sturm/siagopt/ Article Download View SIAG/Opt Views-and-News Vol 14 No 1