A Comparative Study of Stability Representations for Solving Many-to-One Matching Problems with Utility-Weighted Objectives, Ties, and Incomplete Lists via Integer Optimization

We consider integer optimization models for finding stable solutions to many-to-one, utility-weighted matching problems with incomplete preference lists and ties. While traditional algorithmic approaches for the stable many-to-one matching problem, such as the Deferred Acceptance algorithm, offer efficient performance for the strict problem setting, adaptation to alternative settings often requires careful customization. Optimization-based approaches are … Read more

On Finding Stable and Efficient Solutions for the Team Formation Problem

The assignment of personnel to teams is a fundamental and ubiquitous managerial function, typically involving several objectives and a variety of idiosyncratic practical constraints. Despite the prevalence of this task in practice, the process is seldom approached as a precise optimization problem over the reported preferences of all agents. This is due in part to … Read more