Optimization Online is a repository of Eprints about optimization and related topics. It facilitates quick dissemination of new research of interest to the optimization community. This service is free.

Optimization Online submissions are electronically handled by a team of volunteer coordinators.

Principal Coordinator

Deputy Principal Coordinator

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  • Optimization Online was conceived in 2000 by Jean-Pierre Goux, Sanjay Mehrotra, and Steve Wright as an initiative of the Optimization Technology Center at Argonne and Northwestern.
  • Jean-Pierre Goux was chiefly responsible for the initial site design and development.
  • Graphics and design were contributed by Jill Archer in 2007. Andrew Goldberg did some technical development of the site in 2007.
  • Steve Wright maintained the site as lead moderator, and mailed the monthly digests from 2000-2021.
  • Andreas Wächter is the current lead moderator.


Optimization Online is supported by The Mathematical Optimization Society and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. See the Help page if you need assistance.


Optimization Online is hosted on the servers within the Discovery Building.

Special Credits

Em Craft at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery has provided technical support starting in 2011. She conceived and developed the new WordPress-based site that went live in 2022.