Optimization of multiple receivers solar power tower systems

In this article a new procedure to optimize the design of a solar power tower system with multiple receivers is presented. The variables related to the receivers (height, aperture tilt angle, azimuth angle and aperture size) as well as the heliostat field layout are optimized seeking to minimize the levelized cost of thermal energy. This … Read more

An Optimization Approach to the Design of Multi-Size Heliostat fields

In this paper, the problem of optimizing the heliostats field configuration of a Solar Power Tower system with heliostats of different sizes is addressed. Maximizing the efficiency of the plant, i.e., optimizing the energy generated per unit cost, leads to a difficult high dimensional optimization problem (of variable dimension) with an objective function hard to … Read more

A heuristic method for simultaneous tower and pattern-free field optimization on solar power systems

A heuristic method for optimizing a solar power tower system is proposed, in which both heliostat field (heliostat locations and number) and the tower (tower height and receiver size) are simultaneously considered. Maximizing the thermal energy collected per unit cost leads to a difficult optimization problem due to its characteristics: it has a nonconvex black-box … Read more