A Newton-Fixed Point Homotopy Algorithm for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems with Generalized Monotonicity

In this paper has been considered probability-one global convergence of NFPH (Newton-Fixed Point Homotopy) algorithm for system of nonlinear equations and has been proposed a probability-one homotopy algorithm to solve a regularized smoothing equation for NCP with generalized monotonicity. Our results provide a theoretical basis to develop a new computational method for nonlinear equation systems … Read more

An Efficient Global Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Sum-of-Ratios Problems

This paper presents a practical method for finding the globally optimal solution to nonlinear sum-of-ratios problem arising in image processing, engineering and management. Unlike traditional methods which may get trapped in local minima due to the non-convex nature of this problem, our approach provides a theoretical guarantee of global optimality. Our algorithm is based on … Read more