Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Control and Coordinate Operations, Asset Loading and Maintenance

This paper aims to advance decision-making in power systems by proposing an integrated framework that combines sensor data analytics and optimization. Our modeling framework consists of two components: (1) a predictive analytics methodology that uses real-time sensor data to predict future degradation and remaining lifetime of generators as a function of the loading conditions, and (2) a mixed integer optimization model that transforms these predictions into cost-optimal maintenance and operational decisions. We model the key balance between meeting demand with very high confidence and at the same time prolonging the lifetime of generation assets. To do so, we encapsulate stochastic loading-dependent predictive models for asset condition within our optimization model. The methodology is validated and evaluated using IEEE 118-bus system that has been augmented using real-world sensor-based vibration signals from rotating machinery to emulate physical degradation of generators. Our experiments suggest that the proposed framework provides considerable improvements over conventional methods in terms of cost and reliability.


IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Accepted