Crowdsourced Same-day Delivery: Joint Planning and Coordination for Centralized and Decentralized Couriers

Crowdsourced delivery platforms operate as an intermediary between consumers who place orders and couriers who make deliveries; both of which are uncertain. The main challenge of a crowdsourced delivery platform is to meet a service level for their customers (e.g., 95% on-time delivery) by serving dynamically arriving orders with time windows. The two critical courier … Read more

A Prescriptive Machine Learning Method for Courier Scheduling on Crowdsourced Delivery Platforms

Crowdsourced delivery platforms face the unique challenge of meeting dynamic customer demand using couriers not employed by the platform. As a result, the delivery capacity of the platform is uncertain. To reduce the uncertainty, the platform can offer a reward to couriers that agree to be available to make deliveries for a specified period of … Read more