Unit load and material handling considerations in facility layout design

The effectiveness of a layout design cannot be completely measured if the operational characteristics of the manufacturing system are ignored. There is, therefore, a need to develop integrated manufacturing system design models. In this paper, the integration of unit load and material handling considerations in facility layout design is presented. This integration is based on … Read more

An extended distance-based facility layout problem

The distance-based facility layout problem with unequal-area departments has been studied by many researchers for over 30 years. Still, current approaches require certain assumptions that limit the type of solutions obtained. In this paper, we consider manufacturing systems in which replicates of the same machine type may exist in the facility and propose an extended … Read more

Integrating design and production planning considerations in multi-bay manufacturing facility layout

This paper develops a new mathematical model that integrates layout design and production planning to prescribe efficient multi-bay manufacturing facilities. The model addresses the need to distribute department replicas throughout the facility and extends the use of product and process requirements as problem parameters in order to increase process routing flexibility. In addition, the model … Read more