Bounds in multi-horizon stochastic programs

In this paper, we present bounds for multi-horizon stochastic optimization problems, a class of problems introduced in [16] relevant in many industry-life applications tipically involving strategic and operational decisions on two different time scales. After providing three general mathematical formulations of a multi-horizon stochastic program, we extend the definition of the traditional Expected Value problem … Read more

Evaluating the effect of environmental regulations on a closed-loop supply chain network: a variational inequality approach

Global climate change has encouraged international and regional adoption of pollution taxes and carbon emission reduction policies. Europe has taken the leadership in environmental regulations by introducing the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) in 2005 and by developing and promoting a set of policies destined to lower carbon emissions from transport sectors. These environmental … Read more

Decomposition Method for Oligopolistic Competitive Models with Common Pollution Regulation

We consider the general problem of industrial production in a set of countries subject to a common environmental regulation that limits the emissions of specific sectors. Due to these restrictions, the problem is treated as a generalized non-cooperative game where players (countries) have joint (environmental) constraints caused by the necessity of a common and compulsory … Read more

The carbon leakage effect on the cement sector under different climate policies

The European emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS) is a cap and trade system that requires the indus- tries participating in the program to obtain allowances to cover their carbon emissions. Energy Intensive Industries claim that this system puts their European plants at an economics disadvantage compared to fa- cilities located outside the EU. As a direct … Read more

Monotonic bounds in multistage mixed-integer linear stochastic programming: theoretical and numerical results

Multistage stochastic programs bring computational complexity which may increase exponentially in real case problems. For this reason approximation techniques which replace the problem by a simpler one and provide lower and upper bounds to the optimal solution are very useful. In this paper we provide monotonic lower and upper bounds for the optimal objective value … Read more