Single-Machine Common Due Date Total Earliness/Tardiness Scheduling with Machine Unavailability

Research on non-regular performance measures is at best scarce in the deterministic machine scheduling literature with machine unavailability constraints. Moreover, almost all existing works in this area assume either that processing on jobs interrupted by an interval of machine unavailability may be resumed without any additional setup/processing or that all prior processing is lost. In … Read more

An Exact Extended Formulation for the Unrelated Parallel Machine Total Weighted Completion Time Problem

The plethora of research on NP-hard parallel machine scheduling problems is focused on heuristics due to the theoretically and practically challenging nature of these problems. Only a handful of exact approaches are available in the literature, and most of these suffer from scalability issues. Moreover, the majority of the papers on the subject are restricted … Read more

A Strong Preemptive Relaxation for Weighted Tardiness and Earliness/Tardiness Problems on Unrelated Parallel Machines

Research on due date oriented objectives in the parallel machine environment is at best scarce compared to objectives such as minimizing the makespan or the completion time related performance measures. Moreover, almost all existing work in this area is focused on the identical parallel machine environment. In this study, we leverage on our previous work … Read more