A Min-Max Regret Robust Optimization Approach for Large Scale Full Factorial Scenario Design of Data Uncertainty

This paper presents a three-stage optimization algorithm for solving two-stage robust decision making problems under uncertainty with min-max regret objective. The structure of the first stage problem is a general mixed integer (binary) linear programming model with a specific model of uncertainty that can occur in any of the parameters, and the second stage problem … Read more

Recruiting Suppliers for Reverse Production Systems: an MDP Heuristics Approach

In order to achieve stable and sustainable systems for recycling post-consumer goods, frequently it is necessary to concentrate the flows from many collection points of suppliers to meet the volume requirements for the recycler. The collection network must be grown over time to maximize the collection volume while keeping costs as low as possible. This … Read more

Decentralized Decision-making and Protocol Design for Recycled Material Flows

Reverse logistics networks often consist of several tiers with independent members competing at each tier. This paper develops a methodology to examine the individual entity behavior in reverse production systems where every entity acts to maximize its own benefits. We consider two tiers in the network, collectors and processors. The collectors determine individual flow functions … Read more