The Principle of Hamilton for Mechanical Systems with Impacts and Unilateral Constraints

An action integral is presented for Hamiltonian mechanics in canonical form with unilateral constraints and/or impacts. The transition conditions on generalized impulses and the energy are presented as variational inequalities, which are obtained by the application of discontinuous transversality conditions. The energetical behavior for elastic, plastic and blocking type impacts are analyzed. A general impact … Read more

Impulsive Optimal Control of Hybrid Finite-Dimensional Lagrangian Systems

The scope of this dissertation addresses numerical and theoretical issues in the impulsive control of hybrid finite-dimensional Lagrangian systems. In order to treat these aspects, a modeling framework is presented based on the measure-differential inclusion representation of the Lagrangian dynamics. The main advantage of this representation is that it enables the incorporation of set-valued force … Read more

Necessary Conditions for the Impulsive Optimal Control of Multibody Mechanical Systems

In this work, necessary conditions for the impulsive optimal control of multibody mechanical systems are stated. The conditions are obtained by the application subdifferential calculus techniques to extended-valued lower semi-continuous generalized Bolza functional that is evaluated on multiple intervals. Contrary to the approach in literature so far, the instant of possibly impulsive transition is considered … Read more