Security-constrained transmission planning: A mixed-integer disjunctive approach

We extend a static mixed intger diajunctive (MID) transmission expansion planning model so as to deal with circuit contingency criterion. The model simultaneously represents the network constraints for base case and each selected circuit contingency. The MID approach aloows a commercial optimization solver to achieve and prove solution aptimiality. The proposed approach is applied to … Read more

Power transmission network design by a greedy randomized adaptive path relinking approach

This paper illustrates results obtained by a new metaheuristic approach, Greedy Randomized Adaptive Path Relinking, applied to solve static power transmission network design problems. This new approach consists of a generalization of GRASP concepts to explore different trajectories between two Citation AT&T Labs Research Report, December 2001 Submitted to PSCC’02. Article Download View Power transmission … Read more

Parallel GRASP with path-relinking for job shop scheduling

In the job shop scheduling problem (JSP), a finite set of jobs is processed on a finite set of machines. Each job is required to complete a set of operations in a fixed order. Each operation is processed on a specific machine for a fixed duration. A machine can process no more than one job … Read more