An Augmented Lagrangian Proximal Alternating Method for Sparse Discrete Optimization Problems

In this paper, an augmented Lagrangian proximal alternating (ALPA) method is proposed for two class of large-scale sparse discrete constrained optimization problems in which a sequence of augmented Lagrangian subproblems are solved by utilizing proximal alternating linearized minimization framework and sparse projection techniques. Under the Mangasarian-Fromovitz and the basic constraint qualification, we show that any … Read more

Penalty PALM Method for Cardinality Constrained Portfolio Selection Problems

For reducing costs of market frictions, investors need to build a small-scale portfolio by solving a cardinality constrained portfolio selection problem which is NP-hard in general and not easy to be solved eciently for a large-scale problem. In this paper, we propose a penalty proximal alternat- ing linearized minimization method for the large-scale problems in … Read more