Optimization of A Fed-batch Fermentation Process Control Competition Problem Using NEOS

An optimal control solution to a fed-batch fermentation process, responding to a competition call, was developed using NEOS Server. Substantial improvement to the nominal performance achieved in the paper demonstrates the ability of the NEOS Server and the APPS algorithm. Citation Proceedings of Inst. of Mechanical Engineers , Part-I (UK). To appear. (Accepted May 2003). … Read more

RIOTS_95–a MATLAB Toolbox for Solving General Optimal Control Problems And Its Applications to Chemical Processes

RIOTS_95 is a group of programs and utilities, written mostly in C, Fortran and M-file scripts and designed as a toolbox for MATLAB, that provides an interactive environment for solving a very broad class of optimal control problems (OCP’s). RIOTS_95 comes pre-compiled for use with the Windows 95/98/2000 or Windows NT operating systems. The user’s … Read more