Accelerated Fully First-Order Methods for Bilevel and Minimax Optimization

We present in this paper novel accelerated fully first-order methods in \emph{Bilevel Optimization} (BiO). Firstly, for BiO under the assumption that the lower-level functions admit the typical strong convexity assumption, the \emph{(Perturbed) Restarted Accelerated Fully First-order methods for Bilevel Approximation} (\PRAFFBA) algorithm leveraging \emph{fully} first-order oracles is proposed, whereas the algorithm for finding approximate first-order … Read more

Convergence of the Chambolle–Pock Algorithm in the Absence of Monotonicity

The Chambolle-Pock algorithm (CPA), also known as the primal-dual hybrid gradient method (PDHG), has surged in popularity in the last decade due to its success in solving convex/monotone structured problems. This work provides convergence results for problems with varying degrees of (non)monotonicity, quantified through a so-called oblique weak Minty condition on the associated primal-dual operator. … Read more