A new lower bound for one-machine earliness-tardiness scheduling

In one-machine scheduling, MIP time-indexed formulations are often used to provide very good lower bounds through Lagrangian relaxations. In order to get an improved lower bound, we add valid cuts to a time-indexed formulation and show we still have a Lagrangian relaxation that can be solved as a shortest path in a graph. Two branch-and-bound … Read more

An efficient algorithm for the earliness-tardiness scheduling problem

This paper addresses the one-machine scheduling problem with earliness-tardiness penalties. We propose a new branch-and-bound algorithm that can solve instances with up to 50 jobs and that can solve problems with even more general non-convex cost functions. The algorithm is based on the combination of a Lagrangean relaxation of resource constraints and new dominance rules. … Read more

Dynasearch neighborhood for the earliness-tardiness scheduling problem with release dates and setup constraints

The one-machine scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times and costs and earliness-tardiness penalties is addressed. This problem is NP-complete, so that local search approaches are very useful to efficiently find good feasible schedules. In this paper, we present an extension of the dynasearch neighborhood for this problem. Finding the best schedule in this neighborhood is … Read more