A Quadratic Programming Bibliography

The following is a list of all of the published and unpublished works on quadratic programming that we are aware of. Some are general references to background material, while others are central to the development of the quadratic programming methods and to the applications we intend to cover in our evolving book on the subject. We have deliberately not included any but the most relevant of the hundreds, if not thousands, of citations to sequential/successive/recursive quadratic programming methods for nonlinear programming, nor to those on linear programming or quadratic programming with quadratic constraints. The complete LaTeX bibliography, together with up-to-date additions, is available online at ftp://ftp.numerical.rl.ac.uk/pub/qpbook/qpbook.bib and ftp://thales.math.fundp.ac.be/pub/qpbook/qpbook.bib We would be delighted to receive any corrections or updates to this list.


Numerical Analysis Group Internal Report 2000--1 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, England.



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