Robust Optimization under Multi-band Uncertainty – Part I: Theory

The classical single-band uncertainty model introduced by Bertsimas and Sim has represented a breakthrough in the development of tractable robust counterparts of Linear Programs. However, adopting a single deviation band may be too limitative in practice: in many real-world problems, observed deviations indeed present asymmetric distributions over asymmetric ranges, so that getting a higher modeling resolution by partitioning the band into multiple sub-bands is advisable. The critical aim of our work is to close the knowledge gap on the adoption of multi-band uncertainty in Robust Optimization: a general definition and intensive theoretical study of a multi-band model are actually still missing. Our new developments have been also strongly inspired and encouraged by our industrial partners, interested in getting a better modeling of arbitrary shaped distributions, built on historical data about the uncertainty affecting the considered real-world problems.


Submitted (2012)



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