Numerical Methods for Convex Multistage Stochastic Optimization

\(\) Optimization problems involving sequential decisions in  a  stochastic environment    were studied  in  Stochastic Programming (SP), Stochastic Optimal Control  (SOC) and Markov Decision Processes (MDP). In this paper we mainly concentrate on SP and  SOC modelling   approaches. In these frameworks there are natural situations  when the considered problems are  convex. Classical approach to sequential optimization is based on dynamic programming. It has the problem of the so-called ``Curse of Dimensionality", in that its computational complexity increases exponentially with increase of dimension of state variables. Recent progress in solving convex multistage   stochastic  problems is based on cutting planes approximations of the cost-to-go (value) functions of dynamic programming equations. Cutting planes type algorithms in dynamical settings is one of the main topics of this paper. We also discuss Stochastic Approximation type methods applied to multistage stochastic optimization problems. From the computational complexity point of view, these two types of methods seem to be complimentary to each other. Cutting plane type methods can handle multistage problems with a large number of stages, but a relatively smaller number of state (decision) variables. On the other hand, stochastic approximation type methods can only deal with a small number of stages, but a large number of decision variables.



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