A novel algorithm for a broad class of nonconvex optimization problems

In this paper, we propose a new global optimization approach for solving nonconvex optimization problems in which the nonconvex components are sums of products of convex functions. A broad class of nonconvex problems can be written in this way, such as concave minimization problems, difference of convex problems, and fractional optimization problems. Our approach exploits two techniques: first, we introduce a new technique, called the Reformulation-Perspectification Technique (RPT), to obtain a convex approximation of the considered nonconvex continuous optimization problem. Next, we develop a spatial Branch and Bound scheme, leveraging RPT, to obtain a global optimal solution. Numerical experiments on four different convex maximization problems, a quadratic constrained quadratic optimization problem, and a dike height optimization problem demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. In particular, our approach solves more instances to global optimality for the considered problems than BARON and SCIP. Moreover, for problem instancdes of larger dimension our approach outperforms both BARON and SCIP on computation time for most problem instances, while for smaller dimension BARON overall performs better on computation time.



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