On Integrality in Semidefinite Programming for Discrete Optimization

It is well-known that by adding integrality constraints to the semidefinite programming (SDP) relaxation of the max-cut problem, the resulting integer semidefinite program is an exact formulation of the problem. In this paper we show similar results for a wide variety of discrete optimization problems for which SDP relaxations have been derived. Based on a comprehensive study on discrete positive semidefinite matrices, we introduce a generic approach to derive mixed-integer semidefinite programming (MISDP) formulations of binary quadratically constrained quadratic programs and binary quadratic matrix programs. Applying a problem-specific approach, we derive more compact MISDP formulations of several problems, such as the quadratic assignment problem, the graph partition problem and the integer matrix completion problem. We also show that several structured problems allow for novel compact MISDP formulations through the notion of association schemes. Complementary to the recent advances on algorithmic aspects related to MISDP, this work opens new perspectives on solution approaches for the here considered problems.



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