On the integrality of the uncapacitated facility location polytope

We study a system of linear inequalities associated with the uncapacitated facility location problem. We show that this system defines a polytope with integer extreme points if and only if the graph does not contain a certain type of odd cycles. We also derive odd cycle inequalities and give a separation algorithm. Article Download View … Read more

On the p-median polytope of a special class of graphs

In this paper we consider a well known class of valid inequalities for the p-median and the uncapacitated facility location polytopes, the odd cycle inequalities. It is known that their separation problem is polynomially solvable. We give a new polynomial separation algorithm based on a reduction from the original graph. Then, we define a nontrivial … Read more

The p-median polytope of restricted Y-graphs

We further study the effect of odd cycle inequalities in the description of the polytopes associated with the p-median and uncapacitated facility location problems. We show that the obvious integer linear programming formulation together with the odd cycle inequalities completely describe these polytopes for the class of restricted Y-graphs. This extends our results for the … Read more

A linear programming approach to increasing the weight of all minimum spanning trees

Given a graph where increasing the weight of an edge has a nondecreasing convex piecewise linear cost, we study the problem of finding a minimum cost increase of the weights so that the value of all minimum spanning trees is equal to some target value. We formulate this as a combinatorial linear program and give … Read more