ReLU Networks as Surrogate Models in Mixed-Integer Linear Programs

We consider the embedding of piecewise-linear deep neural networks (ReLU networks) as surrogate models in mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) problems. A MILP formulation of ReLU networks has recently been applied by many authors to probe for various model properties subject to input bounds. The formulation is obtained by programming each ReLU operator with a binary … Read more

Mathematical Programming Formulations for Piecewise Polynomial Functions

This paper studies mathematical programming formulations for solving optimization problems with piecewise polynomial (PWP) constraint functions. We elaborate on suitable polynomial bases as a means of efficiently representing PWPs in mathematical programs, comparing and drawing connections between the monomial basis, the Bernstein basis, and B-splines. The theory is presented for both continuous and semi-continuous PWPs. … Read more

A MIQCP formulation for B-spline constraints

This paper presents a mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming (MIQCP) formulation for B-spline constraints. The formulation can be used to obtain an exact MIQCP reformulation of any spline-constrained optimization problem, provided that the polynomial spline functions are continuous. This reformulation allows practitioners to use a general-purpose MIQCP solver, instead of a special-purpose spline solver, when solving … Read more