The Multi-Band Robust Knapsack Problem — A Dynamic Programming Approach —

In this paper, we consider the multi-band robust knapsack problem which generalizes the Γ-robust knapsack problem by subdividing the single deviation band into several smaller bands. We state a compact ILP formulation and develop two dynamic programming algorithms based on the presented model where the first has a complexity linear in the number of items … Read more

Robust Metric Inequalities for the Γ-Robust Network Loading Problem

In this paper, we consider the network loading problem under demand uncertainties with static routing, i.e, a single routing scheme based on the fraction of the demands has to be determined. We generalize the class of metric inequalities to the Γ-robust setting and show that they yield a formulation in the capacity space. We describe … Read more

A Chance-Constrained Model & Cutting Planes for Fixed Broadband Wireless Networks

In this paper, we propose a chance-constrained mathematical program for fixed broadband wireless networks under unreliable channel conditions. The model is reformulated as integer linear program and valid inequalities are derived for the corresponding polytope. Computational results show that by an exact separation approach the optimality gap is closed by 42 % on average. Article … Read more

Planning Wireless Networks with Demand Uncertainty using Robust Optimization

An optimal planning of future wireless networks is fundamental to satisfy rising traffic demands jointly with the utilization of sophisticated techniques, such as OFDMA. Current methods for this task require a static model of the problem. However, uncertainty of data arises frequently in wireless networks, e. g., fluctuat- ing bit rate requirements. In this paper, … Read more