Randomized First-order Methods for Saddle Point Optimization

In this paper, we present novel randomized algorithms for solving saddle point problems whose dual feasible region is a direct product of many convex sets. Our algorithms can achieve ${\cal O}(1/N)$ rate of convergence by solving only one dual subproblem at each iteration. Our algorithms can also achieve ${\cal O}(1/N^2)$ rate of convergence if a … Read more

Stochastic Block Mirror Descent Methods for Nonsmooth and Stochastic Optimization

In this paper, we present a new stochastic algorithm, namely the stochastic block mirror descent (SBMD) method for solving large-scale nonsmooth and stochastic optimization problems. The basic idea of this algorithm is to incorporate the block-coordinate decomposition and an incremental block averaging scheme into the classic (stochastic) mirror-descent method, in order to significantly reduce the … Read more

On the Convergence Properties of Non-Euclidean Extragradient Methods for Variational Inequalities with Generalized Monotone Operators

In this paper, we study a class of generalized monotone variational inequality (GMVI) problems whose operators are not necessarily monotone (e.g., pseudo-monotone). We present non-Euclidean extragradient (N-EG) methods for computing an approximate strong solution of these problems, and demonstrate how their iteration complexities depend on the global Lipschitz or H\”{o}lder continuity properties for their operators … Read more