The Promise of EV-Aware Multi-Period OPF Problem: Cost and Emission Benefits

In this paper, we study the Multi-Period Optimal Power Flow problem (MOPF) with electric vehicles (EV) under emission considerations. We integrate three different real-world datasets: household electricity consumption, marginal emission factors, and EV driving profiles. We present a systematic solution approach based on second-order cone programming to find globally optimal solutions for the resulting nonconvex … Read more

An MISOCP-Based Solution Approach to the Reactive Optimal Power Flow Problem

In this letter, we present an alternative mixed-integer non-liner programming formulation of the reactive optimal power flow (ROPF) problem. We utilize a mixed-integer second-order cone programming (MISOCP) based approach to find global optimal solutions of the proposed ROPF problem formulation. We strengthen the MISOCP relaxation via the addition of convex envelopes and cutting planes. Computational … Read more