Effective Separation of Disjunctive Cuts for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs

We describe a computationally effective method for generating disjunctive inequalities for convex mixed-integer nonlinear programs (MINLPs). The method relies on solving a sequence of cut-generating linear programs, and in the limit will generate an inequality as strong as can be produced by the cut-generating nonlinear program suggested by Stubbs and Mehrotra. Using this procedure, we … Read more

Algorithms and Software for Convex Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programs

This paper provides a survey of recent progress and software for solving mixed integer nonlinear programs (MINLP) wherein the objective and constraints are defined by convex functions and integrality restrictions are imposed on a subset of the decision variables. Convex MINLPs have received sustained attention in very years. By exploiting analogies to the case of … Read more