Pattern-based models and a cooperative parallel metaheuristic for high school timetabling problems

High school timetabling problems consist in building periodic timetables for class-teacher meetings considering compulsory and non-compulsory requisites. This family of problems has been widely studied since the 1950s, mostly via mixed-integer programming and metaheuristic techniques. However, the efficient obtention of optimal or near-optimal solutions is still a challenge for many problems of practical size. In … Read more

Solving the High School Timetabling Problem to optimality by using ILS algorithms

The high school timetabling is a classical problem and has many combinatorial variations. It is NP-Complete and since the use of exact methods for this problem is restricted, heuristics are usually employed. This paper applies three Iterated Local Search (ILS) algorithms which includes two newly proposed neighborhood operators to heuristically solve a benchmark of the … Read more