Assigning Orders to Couriers in Meal Delivery via Integer Programming

We investigate some optimization models for meal delivery that stem from a collaboration with an Italian company mainly operating in Rome. The focus of this company is on top-end customers, and the company pursues high Quality of Service through a careful management of delays. We then design optimization models and algorithms for dispatching orders to … Read more

Cutting Stock with Bounded Open Stacks: a New Integer Linear Programming Model

We address a 1-dimensional cutting stock problem where, in addition to trim-loss minimization, we require that the set of cutting patterns forming the solution can be sequenced so that the number of stacks of parts maintained open throughout the process never exceeds a given $s$. For this problem, we propose a new integer linear programming … Read more

Circular Ones Matrices and the Stable Set Polytope of Quasi-Line Graphs

It is a long standing open problem to find an explicit description of the stable set polytope of claw-free graphs. Yet more than 20 years after the discovery of a polynomial algorithm for the maximum stable set problem for claw-free graphs, there is even no conjecture at hand today. Such a conjecture exists for the … Read more