Necessary optimality condition for Nonsmooth Switching Control problem

This paper is concerned with a class optimal switching nonsmoth optimal control problem is considered. Both the switching instants and the control function are to the chosen such that the cost functional is minimized.The necessary optimality conditions are derived by means of normal cone and Dubovitskii Milyutin theory. Citation Technical report 2007-3 Submited to the … Read more

One Class Nonsmooth Dyscrete Step Control Problem

In this paper a survey and refinement of its recent results in the discrete optimal control theory are presented. The step control problem depending on a parameter is investigated. No smoothness of the cost function is assumed and new versions of the discrete maximum principle for the step control problem are derived Citation submited to … Read more

Optimization of discrete control systems with varying structure

In this paper a special step control problem is considered. The formulation of the problem uses a parameter to control the switching point. By using Taylor’s increment methods first and second order optimality conditions (in the sense of Pontryagin’s maximum principle) will be derived. Citation Preprint 2005-1, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University … Read more