Computational testing of exact mixed knapsack separation for MIP problems

In this paper we study an exact separation algorithm for mixed knapsack sets with the aim of evaluating its effectiveness in a cutting plane algorithm for Mixed-Integer Programming. First proposed by Boyd in the 90’s, exact knapsack separation has recently found a renewed interest. In this paper we present a “lightweight” exact separation procedure for … Read more

Computational experience with general cutting planes for the Set Covering problem

In this paper we present a cutting plane algorithm for the Set Covering problem. Cutting planes are generated by a “general” (i.e. not based on the “template paradigm”) separation algorithm based on the following idea: i) identify a suitably small subproblem defined by a subset of the constraints of the formulation; ii) run an exact … Read more

A Computational Study of Exact Knapsack Separation for the Generalized Assignment Problem

The Generalized Assignment Problem is a well-known NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem which consists of minimizing the assignment costs a set of jobs to a set of machines satisfying capacity constraints. Most of the existing algorithms are based on Branch-and-Price, with lower bounds computed by Dantzig-Wolfe reformulation and column generation. In this paper we propose a … Read more