Solving the Time Dependent Minimum Tour Duration and Delivery Man Problems with Dynamic Discretization Discovery

In this paper, we present exact methods for solving the Time Dependent Minimum Duration Problem (TDMTDP) and the Time Dependent Delivery Man Problem (TD-DMP). Both methods are based on a Dynamic Discretization Discovery (DDD) approach for solving the Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows (TD-TSPTW). Unlike the TD-TSPTW, the problems we consider in … Read more

A Branch-and-Check Approach for the Tourist Trip Design Problem with Rich Constraints

The tourist trip design problem is an extension of the orienteering problem applied to tourism. The problem consists in selecting a subset of locations to visit from among a larger set while maximizing the benefit for the tourist. The benefit is given by the sum of the rewards collected at each location visited. We consider … Read more