A (k+1)-Slope Theorem for the k-Dimensional Infinite Group Relaxation

We prove that any minimal valid function for the k-dimensional infinite group relaxation that is piecewise linear with at most k+1 slopes and does not factor through a linear map with non-trivial kernel is extreme. This generalizes a theorem of Gomory and Johnson for k=1, and Cornu\’ejols and Molinaro for k=2. Article Download View A … Read more

Two Row Mixed Integer Cuts Via Lifting

Recently, Andersen et al.(2007), Borozan and Cornuejols (2007) and Cornuejols and Margot(2007) characterized extreme inequalities of a system of two rows with two free integer variables and nonnegative continuous variables. These inequalities are either split cuts or intersection cuts (Balas (1971)) derived using maximal lattice-free convex sets. In order to use these inequalities to obtain … Read more