Constrained Assortment Optimization under the Paired Combinatorial Logit Model

We study the assortment optimization problem when customer choices are governed by the paired combinatorial logit model. We study unconstrained, capacitated and knapsack constrained versions of this problem, which are all known to be NP-hard. We design efficient algorithms that compute approximately optimal solutions, using a novel relation to the maximum directed cut problem and … Read more

The complexity of optimizing over a simplex, hypercube or sphere: a short survey

We consider the computational complexity of optimizing various classes of continuous functions over a simplex, hypercube or sphere. These relatively simple optimization problems have many applications. We review known approximation results as well as negative (inapproximability) results from the recent literature. Citation CentER Discussion paper 2006-85 Tilburg University THe Netherlands Article Download View The complexity … Read more