The minimum spanning tree problem with conflict constraints and its variations

We consider the minimum spanning tree problem with conflict constraints (MSTC). It is observed that computing an $\epsilon$-optimal solution to MSTC is NP-hard for any $\epsilon >0$. For a general conflict graph, computing even a feasible solution is NP-hard. When the underlying graph is a cactus, we show that the feasibility problem is polynomially bounded … Read more

Nonlinear optimization for matroid intersection and extensions

We address optimization of nonlinear functions of the form $f(Wx)$~, where $f:\R^d\rightarrow \R$ is a nonlinear function, $W$ is a $d\times n$ matrix, and feasible $x$ are in some large finite set $\calF$ of integer points in $\R^n$~. Generally, such problems are intractable, so we obtain positive algorithmic results by looking at broad natural classes … Read more

Nonlinear Matroid Optimization and Experimental Design

We study the problem of optimizing nonlinear objective functions over matroids presented by oracles or explicitly. Such functions can be interpreted as the balancing of multi-criteria optimization. We provide a combinatorial polynomial time algorithm for arbitrary oracle-presented matroids, that makes repeated use of matroid intersection, and an algebraic algorithm for vectorial matroids. Our work is … Read more