Sparse Recovery on Euclidean Jordan Algebras

We consider the sparse recovery problem on Euclidean Jordan algebra (SREJA), which includes sparse signal recovery and low-rank symmetric matrix recovery as special cases. We introduce the restricted isometry property, null space property (NSP), and $s$-goodness for linear transformations in $s$-sparse element recovery on Euclidean Jordan algebra (SREJA), all of which provide sufficient conditions for $s$-sparse recovery via the nuclear norm minimization on Euclidean Jordan algebra (NNMEJA). Moreover, we show that both $s$-goodness and NSP are necessary and sufficient conditions for exact $s$-sparse recovery via NNMEJA. Applying the characteristic properties of the proposed conditions, we establish the exact and stable recovery results for SREJA via NNMEJA.


Beijing Jiaotong University, Research report.



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