A Generalized Formulation for Group Selection via ADMM

This paper studies a statistical learning model where the model coefficients have a pre-determined non-overlapping group sparsity structure. We consider a combination of a loss function and a regularizer to recover the desired group sparsity patterns, which can embrace many existing works. We analyze the stationary solution of the proposed formulation, obtaining a sufficient condition for the stationary solution to achieve optimality and establishing a bound of the distance from the solution to a reference point that is related to the ground-truth from a probabilistic interpretation. We develop an efficient algorithm that adopts an alternating direction method of multiplier (ADMM), showing that the iterates converge to a stationary solution under certain conditions. In the numerical experiment, we implement the algorithm for generalized linear models with convex and nonconvex group regularizers to evaluate the model performance on various data types, noise levels, and sparsity settings.



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