Relaxations and Duality for Multiobjective Integer Programming

Multiobjective integer programs (MOIPs) simultaneously optimize multiple objective functions over a set of linear constraints and integer variables. In this paper, we present continuous, convex hull and Lagrangian relaxations for MOIPs and examine the relationship among them. The convex hull relaxation is tight at supported solutions, i.e., those that can be derived by scalarizing the MOIP. At unsupported solutions, the convex hull relaxation is not tight and a Lagrangian relaxation may provide a tighter upper bound. Using the Lagrangian relaxation, we define a Lagrangian dual of an MOIP and discuss its properties. In particular, we establish weak duality and show that the dual is strong at supported solutions under certain conditions on the primal feasible region. We generalize the integer programming value function to MOIPs and use its properties to motivate a set-valued superadditive dual that is strong at supported solutions. We also define a simpler vector-valued superadditive dual that exhibits weak duality but is strongly dual if and only if the primal has an ideally maximal solution.



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