Optimal Reconfiguration with Variant Transmission Times on Network

Contraflow means lane reversals on networks. In lane reversal reconfiguration, the capacity of arc increases by reorienting arcs towards demand nodes, which maximizes the flow value and reduces the travel time. In this work, we survey the existing pieces of literature on single and multi-commodity contraflow problems with symmetric and asymmetric travel times on parallel … Read more

Commodity Prioritized Maximum Dynamic Multi-Commodity Flow Problem

Due to different disasters, natural or men made, world is facing the problem of massive damage of life and property. To save the life of maximum number of evacuees, an efficient evacuation planning is essential. Prioritization is the process of deciding the relative importance or urgency of things or objects. It helps to focus on … Read more

A Critical Survey on the Network Optimization Algorithms for Evacuation Planning Problems

In the last decades, research on emergency traffic management has received high attention from the operations research community and many pioneer researchers have established it as one of the most fertile research areas. We consider the computationally hard flows over time problems from wider perspective including flow/time dependent attributes (dynamic flows), a possibility of flows … Read more

Efficient Algorithms for Flow over Time Evacuation Planning Problems with Lane Reversal Strategy

The contraflow techniques have widely been effective in evacuation planning research. We present effcient algorithms to solve the evacuation network flow problems, namely, the maximum, earliest arrival, quickest and lex-maximum dynamic contraflow problems having constant attributes and their generalizations with partial contraflow recon guration. Moreover, the contraflow models with inflow dependent and load dependent transit times … Read more