A Unifying Polyhedral Approximation Framework for Convex Optimization

We propose a unifying framework for polyhedral approximation in convex optimization. It subsumes classical methods, such as cutting plane and simplicial decomposition, but also includes new methods, and new versions/extensions of old methods, such as a simplicial decomposition method for nondifferentiable optimization, and a new piecewise linear approximation method for convex single commodity network flow … Read more

Set Intersection Theorems and Existence of Optimal Solutions

The question of nonemptiness of the intersection of a nested sequence of closed sets is fundamental in a number of important optimization topics, including the existence of optimal solutions, the validity of the minimax inequality in zero sum games, and the absence of a duality gap in constrained optimization. We introduce the new notion of … Read more

Lagrange Multipliers with Optimal Sensitivity Properties

We consider optimization problems with inequality and abstract set constraints, and we derive sensitivity properties of Lagrange multipliers under very weak conditions. In particular, we do not assume uniqueness of a Lagrange multiplier or continuity of the perturbation function. We show that the Lagrange multiplier of minimum norm defines the optimal rate of improvement of … Read more