Multi-Mode Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem with Periodic Carbon Emission Constraints

this paper, we study the single item capacitated multi-mode lot sizing problem with periodic carbon emission constraints where the carbon emission constraints define an upper bound for the average emission per product produced in any period. The uncapacitated version of this problem was introduced in Absi et al. (2013) and solved in polynomial time. We … Read more

Two-Stage Facility Location Problems with Restricted Recourse

We introduce a new class of two-stage stochastic uncapacitated facility location problems under system nervousness considerations. The location and allocation decisions are made under uncertainty, while the allocation decisions may be altered in response to the realizations of the uncertain parameters. A practical concern is that the uncertainty-adaptive second-stage allocation decisions might substantially deviate from … Read more

An Exact Solution Approach for the Inventory Routing Problem with Time Windows

The inventory routing problem (IRP) is an integrated inventory and transportation planning problem that jointly determines the replenishment schedules for a given set of retailers, and the routing decisions for a supplier that distributes a product to the retailers over a finite planning horizon typically consisting of multiple periods. In the classical IRP, retailers are … Read more

Lot Sizing with Piecewise Concave Production Costs

We study the lot-sizing problem with piecewise concave production costs and concave holding costs. This problem is a generalization of the lot-sizing problem with quantity discounts, minimum order quantities, capacities, overloading, subcontracting or a combination of these. We develop a dynamic programming (DP) algorithm to solve this problem and answer an open question in the … Read more