Approximation Properties of Sum-Up Rounding in the Presence of Vanishing Constraints

Approximation algorithms like sum-up rounding that allow to compute integer-valued approximations of the continuous controls in a weak$^*$ sense have attracted interest recently. They allow to approximate (optimal) feasible solutions of continuous relaxations of mixed-integer control problems (MIOCPs) with integer controls arbitrarily close. To this end, they use compactness properties of the underlying state equation, … Read more

High-Level Interfaces for the Multiple Shooting Code for Optimal Control MUSCOD

The demand for model-based simulation and optimization solutions requires the availability of software frameworks that not only provide computational capabilities, but also help to ease the formulation and implementation of the respective optimal control problems. In this article, we present and discuss recent development efforts and applicable work flows using the example of MUSCOD, the … Read more

trlib: A vector-free implementation of the GLTR method for iterative solution of the trust region problem

We describe trlib, a library that implements a Variant of Gould’s Generalized Lanczos method (Gould et al. in SIAM J. Opt. 9(2), 504–525, 1999) for solving the trust region problem. Our implementation has several distinct features that set it apart from preexisting ones. We implement both conjugate gradient (CG) and Lanczos iterations for assembly of … Read more

Approximation Properties and Tight Bounds for Constrained Mixed-Integer Optimal Control

We extend recent work on mixed-integer nonlinear optimal control prob- lems (MIOCPs) to the case of integer control functions subject to constraints. Promi- nent examples of such systems include problems with restrictions on the number of switches permitted, or problems that minimize switch cost. We extend a theorem due to [Sager et al., Math. Prog. … Read more