Finding the Sequence of Largest Small n-Polygons by Numerical Optimization

LSP(n), the largest small polygon with n vertices, is the polygon of unit diameter that has maximal area A(n). It is known that for all odd values n≥3, LSP(n) is the regular n-polygon; however, this statement is not valid for even values of n. Finding the polygon LSP(n) and A(n) for even values n≥6 has … Read more

Packing Ovals In Optimized Regular Polygons

We present a model development framework and numerical solution approach to the general problem-class of packing convex objects into optimized convex containers. Specifically, here we discuss the problem of packing ovals (egg-shaped objects, defined here as generalized ellipses) into optimized regular polygons in R”. Our solution strategy is based on the use of embedded Lagrange … Read more

Globally Optimized Finite Packings of Arbitrary Size Spheres in R^d

This work discusses the following general packing problem-class: given a finite collection of d-dimensional spheres with arbitrarily chosen radii, find the smallest sphere in R^d that contains the entire collection of these spheres in a non-overlapping arrangement. Generally speaking, analytical solution approaches cannot be expected to apply to this general problem-type, except for very small … Read more

Optimized Ellipse Packings in Regular Polygons Using Embedded Lagrange Multipliers

In this work, we present model development and numerical solution approaches to the general problem of packing a collection of ellipses into an optimized regular polygon. Our modeling and solution strategy is based on the concept of embedded Lagrange multipliers. This concept is applicable to a wide range of optimization problems in which explicit analytical … Read more

General Ellipse Packings in an Optimized Circle Using Embedded Lagrange Multipliers

The general ellipse packing problem is to find a non-overlapping arrangement of 𝑛 ellipses with (in principle) arbitrary size and orientation parameters inside a given type of container set. Here we consider the general ellipse packing problem with respect to an optimized circle container with minimal radius. Following the review of selected topical literature, we … Read more

MathOptimizer: A nonlinear optimization package for Mathematica users

Mathematica is an advanced software system that enables symbolic computing, numerics, program code development, model visualization and professional documentation in a unified framework. Our MathOptimizer software package serves to solve global and local optimization models developed using Mathematica. We introduce MathOptimizer’s key features and discuss its usage options that support a range of operational modes. … Read more