The risk-averse ultimate pit problem

In this work, we consider a risk-averse ultimate pit problem where the grade of the mineral is uncertain. We propose a two-stage formulation of the problem and discuss which properties are desirable for a risk measure in this context. We show that the only risk measure that satisfies these properties is the entropic. We propose … Read more

An algorithm for binary chance-constrained problems using IIS

We propose an algorithm based on infeasible irreducible subsystems (IIS) to solve general binary chance-constrained problems. By leverag- ing on the problem structure we are able to generate good quality upper bounds to the optimal value early in the algorithm, and the discrete do- main is used to guide us eciently in the search of … Read more

Chance-constrained problems and rare events: an importance sampling approach

We study chance-constrained problems in which the constraints involve the probability of a rare event. We discuss the relevance of such problems and show that the existing sampling-based algorithms cannot be applied directly in this case, since they require an impractical number of samples to yield reasonable solutions. Using a Sample Average Approximation (SAA) approach … Read more