Weighted LCPs and interior point systems for copositive linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras

In the setting of a Euclidean Jordan algebra V with symmetric cone V_+, corresponding to a linear transformation M, a `weight vector’ w in V_+, and a q in V, we consider the weighted linear complementarity problem wLCP(M,w,q) and (when w is in the interior of V_+) the interior point system IPS(M,w,q). When M is … Read more

Weakly homogeneous variational inequalities and solvability of nonlinear equations over cones

Given a closed convex cone C in a finite dimensional real Hilbert space H, a weakly homogeneous map f:C–>H is a sum of two continuous maps h and g, where h is positively homogeneous of (positive) degree gamma on C and g(x)/||x||^gamma–>0 as ||x||–>infinity in C. Given such a map f, a nonempty closed convex … Read more

On the irreducibility, Lyapunov rank, and automorphisms of speical Bishop-Phelps cones

Motivated by optimization considerations, we consider special Bishop-Phelps cones in R^n which are of the form {(t,x): t \geq ||x||} for some norm on R^(n-1). We show that for n bigger than 2, such cones are always irreducible. De fining the Lyapunov rank of a proper cone K as the dimension of the Lie algebra of … Read more

On the bilinearity rank of a proper cone and Lyapunov-like transformations

A real square matrix Q is a bilinear complementarity relation on a proper cone K in R^n if x in K, s in K^* with x perpendicular to s implies x^{T}Qs=0, where K^* is the dual of K. The bilinearity rank of K is the dimension of the space of all bilinear complementarity relations on … Read more

On the non-homogeneity of completely positive cones

Given a closed cone C in the Euclidean n-space, the completely positive cone of C is the convex cone K generated by matrices of the form uu^T as u varies over C. Examples of completely positive cones include the positive semidefinite cone (when C is the entire Euclidean n-space) and the cone of completely positive … Read more