An inexact infeasible arc-search interior-point method for linear programming problems

Inexact interior-point methods (IPMs) are a type of interior-point methods that inexactly solve the linear equation system for obtaining the search direction. On the other hand, arc-search IPMs approximate the central path with an ellipsoidal arc obtained by solving two linear equation systems in each iteration, while conventional line-search IPMs solve one linear system, therefore, … Read more

An infeasible interior-point arc-search method with Nesterov’s restarting strategy for linear programming problems

An arc-search interior-point method is a type of interior-point method that approximates the central path by an ellipsoidal arc, and it can often reduce the number of iterations. In this work, to further reduce the number of iterations and the computation time for solving linear programming problems, we propose two arc-search interior-point methods using Nesterov’s … Read more

An Infeasible Interior-point Arc-search Algorithm for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization

In this paper, we propose an infeasible arc-search interior-point algorithm for solving nonlinear programming problems. Most algorithms based on interior-point methods are categorized as line search in the sense that they compute a next iterate on a straight line determined by a search direction which approximates the central path. The proposed arc-search interior-point algorithm uses … Read more